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Once upon a time, before the virus, an elementary school depended largely upon the help of its parents. With the advent of a vaccine and a return to on-site education, parents may once again enjoy the school volunteer experience. This piece, written just before the virus sent us all home, was requested of me by a San Francisco school to encourage incoming-parent volunteers.

This will sound ridiculous: Helping out in our school cafeteria as a parent volunteer will turn out to be one of my richest experiences. After six years now, my fifth-grader has graduated to middle school so it’s…

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Sculpture by Alexander Girard
Sculpture by Alexander Girard
Sculpture by Alexander Girard

For just the next few minutes, think of consciousness as an immaterial reality, an abstraction. This idea relies upon the more primary idea that space comes in bits, an idea known as “quantized space.” In this version, tiny grains of space are set, as only they can be, within a background that is neither spacial nor temporal.¹ These same immaterial properties belong to the abstraction of consciousness, and we don’t find abstraction here in space. Could abstraction provide the non-spacial background for a quantized space, a background in which our consciousness resides? …

"Science" is derived from Latin, scire, "to know" (tenets and understandigs based upon repeatable experiment) . . . thereby distinguishing science from religion other methods of understanding whose tenets may be based upon faith and belief.

Calm down, it’s just an idea

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA; Acknowledgment: Judy Schmidt

Our current description of dark matter relies upon the workings of a mysterious gravitational source to explain the strangest of observations. One of these is the block-like rotation of spiral galaxies and the terrific speed of their outer arms — often superluminal — whose starry members remain very much attached when they should have long been flung away in accordance with everything we know. Specifically, the problem is that these structures haven’t enough mass to create the gravity required for such tethering. Another, strikingly beautiful observation, is that of gravitational lensing; a condition which occurs when light from a galaxy…

Gary Blaise

Gary Blaise makes clavichords in San Francisco.

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